Joining VMWare

Today is my last day at EnterpriseDB. I’ve had a good time working there for the past six years, and will miss many of my colleagues. Tomorrow, I’m starting at VMWare. I will continue to be an active member of the PostgreSQL community; VMWare wants to see a healthy community and wants to be part of it.

Thank you EnterpriseDB for all the good time I’ve had, and thank you VMWare for all the good time I will have in the future!

9 thoughts on “Joining VMWare

  1. Will your projects at VMWare be PostgreSQL related? They have some cloud based PG products, correct?

    • Yes, I am going to work on PostgreSQL. VMWare indeed has a bunch of PostgreSQL-related products. I’m not very familiar with them yet, but I guess soon I will be :-).

  2. Hi Heikki,

    We miss you a lot … However, wish you all the best for the new positions..


  3. Welcome to VMware! A LOT of our products and projects use PostgreSQL, so what’s good for PostgreSQL is good for VMware :)

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