Helsinki PostgreSQL meetup on Tuesday September 1st

Helsinki PostgreSQL User Group will convene tomorrow, on Tuesday September 1st 2015 at 15:00.

I will be babbling about the various index types in PostgreSQL. GIN, GiST, and the humble B-tree. What does the structure of each one look like? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? And of course, a lot of free chatter on whatever other topics you want to bring up.

We have also created a Meetup group. Registration at Meetup is recommended to ensure you get a seat:

This is the fourth meeting of the Helsinki PostgreSQL User Group. Come and meet fellow PostgreSQL users and developers. Welcome!

September 1st 2015

Richardinkatu Library
Rikhardinkatu 3

2 thoughts on “Helsinki PostgreSQL meetup on Tuesday September 1st

  1. Hi Heikki,

    Will the slides be available somewhere? I’d love to get a look at them.


    And good luck with your meetup.

    • Thanks, it was a smashing success! :-)

      I’m not publishing the slides right now, as much of it was drawn on-the-fly on a whiteboard. I’m giving the same presentation in PGConf Europe in Wien, and I intend to make more a polished presentation by then.

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